Q&A about promoting links – reciprocal linking?

Occasionally I receive random questions through the form on my website, https://www.wordsinarow.com/contact.html. I am going to post these to my blog so that the answers may do some good, as they are of general interest to those designing or promoting websites:

Question: how should I promote links?

Answer: It’s best to get links from these two sources:

1. Directories. There are about a dozen of these that will provide excellent one-way links to your site.

2. Relevant websites: Find websites that are about subjects that your website covers. Make sure you have unique content that is worth linking to. Then ask for links from those websites. Don’t offer to reciprocate. Simply ask for a link from whatever page they have that might benefit from a link to your site. The worst that could happen used to be that they would ignore you; nowadays (2015) if you get a bazillion links from one site to yours, they can add up to penalties at Google.

Note that Words in a Row has links from answers.google.com, which were unsolicited, and which apparently count for a lot in the Google PageRank our site has accumulated over the years. We do not do any reciprocal linking and do not recommend it, as above.

Good luck!

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