Psychiatry — tool of the Communist State

Chinese dissident Wang Wanxing spent 13 years as a guest of the Chinese police in psychiatric detention. In 1992, after he was detained while unfurling a banner critical of the Chinese Communist goverment, the psychs jailed him for “severe mental pathology.” According to the NY Times, he was diagnosed with “‘delusions of grandeur, litigation mania and conspicuously enhanced pathological will,’ which Western human rights groups say are diagnoses that officials have used to lock up troublesome dissidents who have not broken any laws.” Rather like the millions of slippery diagnoses of “Manic Depressives” who are put on drugs or locked up against their will here in the US and in Europe.

Here’s the article in the NY Times.

Human Rights Watch has said that such abuses are increasing in China. Wanxing says he was forced to share cells with murderers and to swallow drugs to “blunt his will.” For psychiatry, this is “business as usual.” In China, as it was in Soviet Russia, and Nazi Germany, psychiatry is a tool of the state, used to round up and silence the dissidents and non-conformists. In America, psychiatry is the pimp for the drug companies, the tool through which they have addicted millions of children to psychiatric drugs at taxpayer expense. You’ve got to admire the sheer size of their scam.

Human Rights Watch has documented 3000 such cases of political psychiatric abuse in Chinese prisons. The
Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) has documented thousands of cases of psychiatric abuse in the good ole’ USA, far beyond mere fraud, including murder of patients, rape, child molesting and other abuses of the “doctor/patient” relationship.

The more you find out about the pervasive abuses of psychiatry, the madder you get.

It’s time to be outraged.

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  1. Laura April 14, 2006 at 5:29 pm #

    I was taken and kept prisoner at the Maricopa Medical Center for a time while I was pregnant with my daughter, and it taught me just how terroristic the psychiatric industry is. They are always clamoring for more money, more money, but inmate rights don’t improve any.

    Psychiatry is about population control. Psychiatric drugs do indeed shorten life expectancy, and eugenics is very prevalent in this area.

    I was kept shackled to a bed for over 10 days, while being forcibly administered Haldol intravenously. The Haldol was administered in pint-sized bags, twice a day, which I considered mega-doses. Truthfully, I think they were trying to force me into an abortion.

    I read somewhere that Haldol blocks progesterone production. It is my understanding that progesterone is a hormone that is vital to maintain a pregnancy. Within 24 hours after they started putting the Haldol into my iv line, I started bleeding vaginally, which became progressively worse. About 3 days after they started the Haldol, a doctor came in and offered me a Pitocin drip, which I refused. The next morning, she came back in and indicated that they were planning to start a Pitocin drip without my consent; that afternoon, an RN came walking into the room carrying a bag of Pitocin, ready to attach it to my iv. Fortunately, I talked her out of it. You don’t start a Pitocin drip on a 28-week gestation unless you’re going to do an abortion. My daughter was delivered a week later by c-section.

    The csection didn’t stop the terrorism of population control. I was forcibly sterilized after my daughter’s removal.

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