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An acquaintance, JoJo Zawawi, has put up a site that is doing fairly well at Google for the phrase “psychiatric help“. It’s a psych-buster site, of course. Psychiatry has long since shown it has no interest in help, despite occasional claims in that direction. At some point in the process of being educated to be a psychiatrist, every young man or woman headed down that road has to realize that what they are being taught a) doesn’t make sense and b) doesn’t help and c) is actually harmful and d) rips people off royally and e) has a shameful history of violence and murder. So while I don’t think that EVERY psychiatrist you are likely to run into is evil incarnate, the ones that keep going down that road anyway after realizing those things have chosen to participate in a field that they know at some level is bogus pseudo-science. So make your own judgments about their ethics. The ones I respect are the rare birds like Dr. Thomas Szasz, who is trying to bring sanity and common sense to the field of mental health. For more info contact CCHR – the Citizens Commission on Human Rights.

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