Picketing Teen Screen

My friends at CCHR are picketing various TeenScreen locations across the Eastern US. I wish I could be there! Here are the places to picket, starting tomorrow:

Picket – Teen Screen Headquarters – New York City
Wednesday, June 14th 2006 – Noon EST
1775 Broadway
New York, NY

Picket – NAMI convention – Washington, DC
Saturday, July 1 2006, 9 AM EST
The Washington Hilton off DuPont Circle
Connecticutt and T Street
Washington, DC

NAMI (the” National Alliance for the Mentally Ill”) pushes Teen Screen and is a front group for drug companies. See this article in Mother Jones.

Picket – SAMSHA (to be announced – soon!)
SAMSHA (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) established the “New Freedom Commission” and is pushing mental health screening on America’s children. Don’t think so? Here’s a signed contract where SAMSHA spends $98,000 to get screening established in two new schools.

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