Overwhelming evidence that psych drugs cause suicide, murder, mayhem

This little database of about 1000 stories that have been carried by the media in the last ten years shows the overwhelming evidence of psych drugs (and trying to withdraw from them) being the CAUSE of extremely violent behavior.

It’s hard to read down through this summary and not feel outraged. Here are some random highlights from the long, long list:

  • 6 Year Old Dies on Psych Cocktail
  • 7 Year Old In Foster Care Dies From Poweful Antidepressant
  • 10 Year Old Girl Dies in Mother’s Arms From Toxicity of Antidepressant
  • 11 Year Old Boy is Violent & Suicidal on Paxil
  • 12 Year Old Kills Self: On Both Antidepressants & ADHD Med
  • 14 Year Old Kills his Mother
  • 18 Year Old Kills Girlfriend, Then Self
  • 18 Year Old Imprisoned for Murder of Father Has New Evidence Against Prozac
  • 19 Year Old Kills Two Neighbors in 2005
  • 22 Year Old Tries to Stab Mother & Kill Self
  • 20 Year Old Student Hangs Self: No History of Mental Problems
  • 23 Year Old Man Kills Girlfriend & then Kills Himself

Big Pharma leaves a wake behind their markeing of Paxil, Zoloft, and other drugs: a pandemic of violent behavior (murder, suicide, mayhem) never seen before in this world.

If you’ve ever wondered why psych drugs are so expensive (some of them have a profit margin of more than 1000% (yes, that means they are selling them for more than a thousand times what they actually cost to make) aside from just making insane amounts of profit, they have to cover their asses from the lawsuits which inevitably follow. Profits from these drugs are in the billions of dollars annually.

If you’re thinking of putting someone on psychiatric drugs, check through the list on this database first and see what you can expect to follow. Which is more likely for a particular drug: homicide, or suicide?

If you are a journalist or blogger or politician, make sure you have done your homework before you forward whatever talking points the drug companies are handing out for members of congress to spout into the congressional record. (See a good blog post about politicians marching in lockstep with drug companies. Where do you think the politicians are getting the massive amounts of money needed to finance political campaigns these days? Senator Wyden from my home state of Oregon used to have an ad from a drug company right on the home page of his main website!)

The violent rampage of those on psych drugs is not limited to the big cities, either.

In just the last week, there have been three murder suicides in my little rural county in Southern Oregon.

  1. My neighbor’s adult son killed his only brother with a home-made samurai sword. So now he’s in the klink for murder and not likely to ever be released.
  2. A woman was pulled out of a shower, killed, and buried in a shallow grave by her ex-boyfriend, who must have watched a bunch of CSI programs, because he cleaned up after himself really well to make it look like she’d been abducted. They didn’t really have any other suspects: after some effective interrogation he led police to the shallow grave where he’d buried her.
  3. A man shot his ex-wife in the back, then led police on a chase and finally shot himself dead after playing at suicide-by-cop for a while without getting the cops to go along with it. We don’t know yet whether she will live. Police found her dumped on the street when they responded to the shots a few blocks from the police station — he stole her car to get away.

So where does all this suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation come from? In large part from the very drugs that the psyhiatrists are prescribing to their patients in lieu of any effective form of treatment. These symptoms of homicidal and suicidal ideation are a frequent side effect of the drugs psychiatrists use to “prevent” violent behavior. They just make it worse by several orders of magnitude.

So if you’re a journalist, editor, publisher, or a doctor, educator, or politician thinking about “mental health parity” or “mandatory mental health screenings” like the “Mother’s Act”, please USE the database I link to above to do your own research into the dangers of psychiatric drugs before you sign on with the drug companies.

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  1. george January 3, 2010 at 5:16 am #

    Yet another mass killing results from psychiatric drugs:
    “Merhige is accused of gunning down his twin sisters, a 79-year-old aunt and 6-year-old cousin on Thanksgiving Day at a family gathering in Jupiter.
    Police said Merhige was taking numerous medications, including Ativan, used to treat anxiety disorders.”

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