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I’ve always admired Tom Cruise. Even the infamous couch-jumping episode made me think, “Wow – to be that excited about falling in love — I remember that feeling!”, and “More power to him!” In every photo of Katie Holmes that I have seen, she looks radiantly happy and in love.

So now there’s a new unauthorized biography of Tom Cruise by the same jerk who published an unauthorized bio of Princess Diana. He makes a whole slew of allegations that I won’t honor by repeating here. Instead, here are some facts:

The author of this unauthorized bio is British, but because the libel laws are stronger in the UK than in the US, the book won’t be published in the UK for fear of a law suit. According to NBC’s Today Show, the publisher determined that the author didn’t have any proof for his accusations. So if he published in England, he’d be liable for libel.

The author did NOT interview any of the following people: Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Tom’s sisters, Tom’s mother, the rest of Tom’s family, Tom’s business partners, Tom’s production company staff, Tom’s personal staff, Tom’s friends, Katie’s friends, leaders of the Church of Scientology or anyone who currently knows Tom personally.

Those who do know Tom Cruise personally are saying that the book is a pack of lies.

The author is being called a “Royal Biographer” because he wrote an unauthorized biography of Princess Diana. The name “Royal Biographer” implies that he has something to do with the British Royal Family when in fact he does not. He is just another sleazy wannabe journalist. He wrote a biography of the Princess containing the same sort of rumors, gossip and lies as he has put in the Tom Cruise bio.


Tom Cruise is a top movie star — by some accounts the greatest movie star in the world right now, by box office draw and the amount of attention that he is given wherever he goes, by the amount that his movies make, etc. By any standard you care to name. He hasn’t won any oscars — well, neither have some of my other favorite actors.

Tom has done a lot to promote the effective solutions that the religion of Scientology offers to society’s ills. Whether it is drug rehab or the purification of the body after exposure to massive toxins (as in the program for 9/11 rescue workers that Tom helped establish and consistently funds), or whether it is exposing the pseudo-science of psychiatry and the obvious, manifest, and patent problems with psychiatric drugs being pushed on the populace of America and the world, Tom has been effective at getting some of these solutions better-known. And without trying to ram them down anyone’s throat.

Tom gets attacked in the press because too many people believe the absolute BS that is being spewed out by the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry about drugs having the solution to all ills, when in fact they are creating many of the problems that define our modern era (school shootings, a failing educational system, and an increasing dependence on a nanny state instead of self-reliance.) And of course the main funding for most magazines and newspapers these days is the drug companies whose toes Tom is stepping on at every opportunity.

You’ve got to wonder how much the author of this new unauthorized bio has already been paid by Big Pharma to silence one of their best-known critics. Just wondering….

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  1. Grahame January 10, 2008 at 1:29 pm #

    Well said. And the biography is so badly written that even the critics are ripping it to shreds: CNN Says Tom Cruise Bio is an “Air Sandwich”

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