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This blog, http://hsi.sharpseo.com/,(This link is dead – how quickly they pass away!) aka “HCI On the Spot”, is written by Michele Cagan of the Health Sciences Institute. Her blog (recently, anyway) focuses on problems with forced administration of vaccinations in New Jersey and Maryland to preschoolers. Maryland and New Jersey, in their infinite wisdoms, have decreed that no matter what the parents say, they WILL vaccinate them against the flu and other diseases. They have put the full force of the law behind this, backing it up with state troopers. They should change the signs on the freeways as you enter the states of NJ and MD, to “Welcome to the Gulag!”

She also details some of the problems that are being experienced by the drug companies in their campaigns to get governments to mandate that every person in the world be put on multiple expensive drugs, paid for by their governments, to “handle” the panoply of made-up diseases in the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual), also known as the “Billing Bible” of the psychs. The scam is pretty simple:

1. Drug companies pay for the educations of the doctors.

2. The psychs then prescribe the drugs they are told to by the drug companies.

3. Whenever the drug companies come up with a new drug, the psychs are only too happy to oblige by prescribing it whenever they can (having no other even remotely workable therapies).

4. To make sure that all this is paid for by insurance companies and governments, the psychs obligingly vote into existence new diseases and put them in the DSM, so that the little number it gives to their made-up diseases can go on the billing forms. 30 years ago, there were only a handful of disorders listed – now there are over 370, including such crap as — well, “rebellious teen disorder.” For which they will now be only too happy to prescribe a drug.

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