Google is Dancing

Google is Dancing. The Jagger update appears to be impacting some of my clients. For example, has fallen out of Google completely in the last 24 hours. If you search at Google today for, it gives you one of those “sorry, no information is available…” screens. However, if you search for

Google returns 50,300 known links and mentions of that site.

Until yesterday, the site had a Google PR of 3. Today it is gray-barred (no page rank info is available), when I check via Intenet Explorer’s toolbar. When I check on Firefox – the home page has a Google PR of 5. Five minutes later, IE’s Google toolbar says they have a Pr of 3. What to believe? I assume this is just a glitch – there’s no valid reason for them to be gray-barred. With 50,300 links, they ought to have pretty good PR; 5 or 6 at least! The site has recently changed servers and they are now requesting a cookie be set upon entry to the site. I’ve advised them to stop doing that as it may kill all their Google rankings. We’ll see what happens when both of these (Google problems and the site asking for a cookie) are fixed.

Three good blog posts about the Jagger updates:

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