Problem with DMOZ

We’ve had a problem with DMOZ and its listing for McKeesport Candy Co.. Basically an old website existed, a new website was built, and the URL recorded at DMOZ needed to be changed. For the last 7 or 8 months we’ve been trying to get DMOZ to change the URL they showed for McKeesport Candy from the old to the new website. Within the last 24 hours, DMOZ has updated the listing for It now has TWO listings:

Candy Listing

Regional listing.

Now we’ll see how long it takes Google to reflect these changes at DMOZ. It appears that Google is giving tremendous weight (since the start of the Jagger update) to the listings it finds in DMOZ. Even more than usual. (START RANT) In my opinion, this is problematic in that DMOZ is years behind in its attempt to index the web. Aside from the incredible backlog of sites to review, DMOZ has insane policies about who can and can’t be an editor, and which categories can and can’t be edited by which editors. When it comes to setting up new categories, and the sub-categorization of existing categories, DMOZ operates by consensus. That’s a $50 word that means “group agreement” — so it tends to operate at the lowest common denominator. So as an entity, it has an IQ of about 80. (END RANT)

If you search at Google today for, it still shows a “Sorry, no information is available….” screen. If you search for “” it shows 35,100 pages are indexed. If you search for “” it shows 50,600 known links and mentions of the site. That’s 300 more than there were two days ago.

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