Wordsinarow.com is now a PR 6

Very busy time for me—not a lot of time for blogging. Today I found out that my main website, www.wordsinarow.com has gained PageRank in the most recent updates at Google. This lasta set of updates is being called the “Jagger” update and seem to mostly be concerned with backlinks. Wordsinarow.com is now a PR 6. (Woohoo! That and $3.95 will get me a Latte Vente at Starbucks.)

BTW, in my experience the “link:” command at Google has been busted for about the last year. To find out the number of links to your site, you need to do a search like this:

jmblog.com -site:www.jmblog.com

That gives you a list of all the pages Google has indexed that contain a link to jmblog.com (or at least a reference to it) except those pages from the site www.jmblog.com. You can get a fairly accurate sense of how many links Google “knows about” for any site by putting it in a search string like that. Replace jmblog in that string with any domain name and it will give you fairly good resluts.

[Note from 2015: The only way to see even a portion of the links to your site from Google nowadays is to sign up for Webmaster tools. There, Google will show you the top 1000 websites linking to your site, by volume. For other links to your site—if, for example, you want to do a “link disavowal” project to tell Google about links you don’t want credited to your site— then you will need to find out (from sources other than Google) which sites are linking to you. www.moz.org and Majestic SEO have tools that will let you do that. These are paid tools, but can be worth it. Sign up for a month and get the list of links, then shut off the expense when done.]

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