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“These are not dark days…”

When I see the news with its talk of ruin, injustice, inequities (and iniquities) and failures in the world, it all seems very “gloom and doom”. Terrorism, the rise of militant Islam in the world, the impossibly high cost of health care, the high taxes, the unemployment, the failing educational system, man-made global warming etc., […]

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Marianne Williamson quote (mis-attributed to Nelson Mandella)

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter called “Optimism“, put out by Cecile Vowles of Sydney, Australia. It’s very uplifting, as the title implies, and has her marvelous humor sprinkled throughout. Today Cecile quoted Nelson Mandella, who was apparently quoting from Marianne Williamson’s 1992 book, “A RETURN TO LOVE” : Our deepest fear is not that […]

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Book: The Scalpel and the Soul

A Harvard-educated neurosurgeon ( Allan J. Hamilton ) has published a new book called “The Scalpel and the Soul” [link moved] speaking out about the times from his experience when patients who were clinically dead (no heartbeat, no brain waves, etc.) recorded what was going on in the operating room, word for word. This is […]

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New quotes from Sir Winston Churchill

I have found some quotes from Churchill concerning the telling of lies, and the having of enemies, that are worth knowing. Rather than put them in an ephemeral blog post, I put them on my quotes page. These quotes are particularly relevant to the attacks currently going on around the world against the religion of […]

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Scientology Video Channel

The rise of YouTube over the last couple of years has amazed me. I had no idea that videos would grow to become so popular, and to contain so many subjects. Nor did I have a clue that comments left on Social Media sites like YouTube, Stumble Upon, and Digg would grow to be so […]

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