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Changing Education

This very well illustrated video of a talk from Sir Ken Robinson about the need to change education is worth watching. In about the middle he talks about the epidemic of ADHD and how wrong-headed it is to be drugging children when we should be making them MORE alive, not less alive. (more…)

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How to Count Backlinks

For the past couple of years I’ve been farming out link-building work for my clients, to several companies that have specialized in article marketing. Is Article Marketing for Link-Building Dead? However, the recent Panda updates seem to have resulted in the de-indexing of the majority of all the article marketing links, as far as Google […]

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On Maybe Losing our Broadbent Post Office

The US Post Office in Broadbent, Oregon, where we get our mail here on the ranch, is on a short list of 46 post offices that are likely to be closed in Oregon within the next few months. Apparently there are 3200 post offices locations that are being considered for closure nationwide; only 46 are […]

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Intelligence. What is it?

I’m reading the book Scientology, a New Slant on Life, for the first time in 30 years. This book, by L. Ron Hubbard, was recently re-released, with typographical and other errors cleaned up; all the basic books of Scientology were gone through carefully, compared closely against the original author’s manuscripts so as to make them […]

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