Carri Bugbee of BigDealPR wins Shorty Award

My friend and colleague Carri Bugbee of Big Deal PR in Portland has just won an award at the first annual Twitter awards, winning a “Shorty” award for her many tweets as fictional character @peggyolson (a character from the TV show MadMen). She’s got about 12,000 followers on Twitter, who have followed her many thousands of tweets about what she (the fictional character) is doing.

This is indeed a “Big Deal” for Carri, who just returned to Portland from a week in New York where she came out as the Twitterer who has been tweeting as Peggy Olsen. Prior to that her identity had been cloaked — no one knew who was making these tweets; that itself created some mystery and interest in the character, who posted tweets that were in character and funny, too. A sample tweet:

“It’s a relief to have an entire week without Pete Campbell in the office. It can be hard to get work done with him lurking around my desk”

See article in Business Week

and in the Wall Street Journal.

Carri does a good job twittering on behalf of one of my clients, PetHabitats, who make a flushable dog poo bag (biobag) in an effort to make a difference in preserving and protecting our environment. (Which I am all in favor of, without subscribing to the Green religion itself.)

Carri has set up her own company and website to handle these kinds of Web 2.0 social networking activities for her clients, called “Supporting Characters

Kudos and congratulations, Carri!

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