Netbeans 8.2 Fonts Too Small

On my 4k monitor, the default fonts that come up on Netbeans are so small as to be truly microscopic, as in one needs an actual microscope (or at least a magnifying glass) to read them. Netbeans (when you can read it!) is very useful for website development, so this is not a trivial issue. […]

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Crazy SEO Experiments: My Takeaways

Will Critchlow of and Larry Kim of Wordstream recently collaborated on a podcast called 10 SEO Experiments That Will Blow Your Mind. It’s an hour of information that’s well worth watching if you’re tasked with SEO or management of Google AdWords accounts. I pulled out my takeaways from the video and started sending some […]

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A terrific resource for word lovers

Sometimes my daily email from StumbleUpon really delivers. Today was one of those days! This website is a collection of wonderful phrases and words, for which there is no exact equivalent in English. Those of us for whom English is our native tongue are poorer for not having these words and phrases available to us. […]

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New Quotes

I don’t usually read C.S. Lewis. I could never get into the whole Narnia universe; to me it seemed a silly premise and to mainly be a vehicle for him to proselytize his religion. It was clear he truly believed, and I respect that and his right to put whatever analogies to Christianity he wanted […]

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Rest in Peace, Yahoo Directory

As of today, if you go to (the familiar URL of the Yahoo Directory) you are redirected over to a directory called “Aabaco Small Business”, Yahoo was quite the directory in its day. We have recommended getting a listing in it since about 1998. Listings used to be free, then they got greedy […]

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Gone Mobile

It’s been a while since I updated my blog to reflect anything going in my current life. I aim to remedy that now. In May of this year we decided to move out of the house we’d lived in for the last 20 years, on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, into a mobile […]

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Garden Surprise

We haven’t done a thing yet this year in our garden to prepare for planting anything. So it was a pleasant surprise to find some escapee poppies, left over from our experiment last year of growing one planter of mixed flowers. These were growing amid the cedar chips we have down to discourage weeds between […]

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Truth – an old definition

I try to read articles written by historian Victor Davis Hanson, as they show up in my feeds. He seems to hit the nail on the head quite a bit more than other columnists I have followed. (While I admire Charles Krautheimer, he often seems cranky.) Now I’m in the middle of Hanson’s book Carnage […]

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We are simplifying here. Getting rid of things we don’t need and don’t particularly want. We started with coats. Our coat racks were overflowing with coats that we hardly ever wore. So I went through mine, Marie went through hers, and we are sending a bunch of them to Goodwill or the local thrift store. […]

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