working on several sites at the same time

Have been working on several sites at the same time, always a tough thing to do. Here’s a brand new one we just put up: Miami Condo Lifestyle (still in progress, but some pages are visible). It has been a challenge to get the graphics just right for this site – graphics are not my specialty but I think we’ve done a good job on this one. The site is layed out in a table, but each part of it is formatted with CSS, so I believe it is a good compromise of the two opposing schools of thought (Tables vs. CSS). It’s not “either/or” around this web design studio. This site uses a picture-frame effect, with a royal palm on the left side, a logo at the top, and a sky-sea-beach strip down the right side, to give you the feeling that you are in Miami looking at luxury condos. It does a good job setting the atmosphere of Miami into the website, which was missing from the client’s old site.

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