Click fraud

Click fraud: it’s a nasty business because it is so underhanded and there’s little you can do about it except withdraw from the whole pay-per-click system. Since that system does occasionally produce results, people are stuck with it, even though they know that they may be being ripped off for a large percentage of their clicks. It’s in some ways similar to paying a bribe to the mafia for a protection racket, just to be allowed to stay in business.

Because I have a page up on my other website, about one of my customers’ experiences with Enhance Interactive I am getting emails from other people with similar experiences. My web page is on the first page of Google results if you search for “enhance interactive”, which is how people are finding it. Note for future reference: if you have dirty secrets, it doesn’t pay to alienate someone who does search engine optimization for a living. You WILL be exposed.

On a more upbeat note, I’ve found a place to buy 1000 text link ads for $99. I’m not going to say who they are, until I know if it works. Why buy all those ads? To get better Google PageRank for a website. No reciprocation of links is required, which means (or so I believe) that there will be no penalty at Google for having suddenly acquired all these links. I’m testing it on one site and will see how it works out. It’s an experiment. If it works without penalty, then it may be something I recommend to some of my clients.

Updated: DO NOT buy links! It will get your site penalized at Google when they find out. And they will most definitely find out.

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