Where can I register in Search Engines?

Reader Zahra posted this question:

Can you tell me how can i register my site on search engines?


For SEARCH ENGINE registration, go to these three sites:


If you want to register at DIRECTORIES, go here:

https://www.wordsinarow.com/wheretogo.html — it will walk you through the
process at the top 30 big directories. It will cost you money to do that – about $1200 in “hard costs”, such as the $299 that Yahoo Directory charges to look at a normal site.

You can also submit to about 2500 smaller directories by getting this
software program for $25 (last time I checked) which is cheaper than paying for registration the big

Directory Submiter

About 900 of the smaller directories listed among the 2500 in that software program do not require payment or creating a reciprocal link (don’t do either of those, please!). It will take you a lot of time, but it can be worth it.

(Note – that’s an affiliate link to Directory Submitter – I liked their product enough to use it often and so signed up as an affiliate for them.)



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