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This amazing video demonstrates the level of protection provided for skin by “Gloves in a Bottle” (one of my clients). I’ve been using their product for about 8 years, whenever dry skin becomes an issue for me, or when I work out where I might get some poison oak on my skin. First I put on Gloves in a Bottle, then I’m protected. The owner of the company is a friend and his site is doing well in the search engines for “dry skin” — usually at #4 at Google for that phrase, ahead of the giant pharmaceutical companies with unlimited budgets. Today the site is at #6. I respect that he’s always doing something to market his websites, coming up with new ideas and ways to implement them.

I don’t use any lotions or creams on my hands. Ever. I can’t stand the greasy feel of them, and I have to wash off lotions like Jergens Intensive Care. The great thing about Gloves in a Bottle is that it is completely non-greasy. About 1 minute after I put it on, it feels like it has completely disappeared.

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