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May 9th of this year marks the 57th anniversary of the publication of the book Dianetics. The History Channel noted it with this silly clip: Dianetics Anniversary. They camp it up a bit, but it IS true that Dianetics was published 57 years ago. Old as I am, that’s before I was born.

They make the e-meter look pretty spooky — but it’s actually very easy to use and for the most part the meter is unobtrusive in the Dianetic counseling. The important thing is the mental image pictures at which the person is looking. Those pictures — especially those that contain pain or unconsciousness, such as an accident or illness or surgery — contain WORDS. And the words can act like hypnotic commands.

Imagine remembering your own birth… Odd as that may seem, it’s not that hard to actually recall what was going on then, to hear again what your mother and the midwife, father, siblings, nurses or doctors were saying, to feel again what was happening to you as your head was being squeezed out of shape and your body forced down the birth canal. That’s an example of an “engram”; an incident that contains pain and unconsiousness. If the doctor was chatting with the nurse about the delivery, saying things like “Come on out of there!” or “Stop”. It doesn’t matter to whom the words were addressed, the words would still be part of the engram.

As you mature and live your life, most of the time what was being said during that birth incident will have no impact on you. But then later in life you might start having headaches of one kind or another (from allergies, or muscle tension, for example). That kind of head pain might re-stimulate the earlier engram of being squeezed down the birth canal. Suddenly those words in that engram can start to have an hypnotic effect upon you, making you feel the need to “stop” or “get out of there”. They can cause you to act seemingly against your own will and have urges to do things you don’t understand WHY you’re doing.

Dianetics is a great therapy for those who want to understand their own motivations and relieve themselves of the anguish these engrams can cause. I’ve had many hours of Dianetic auditing. It helped me spot things in the past that were affecting me, and once they are spotted, they lose their power over you. You laugh them off and go on with life.

The great thing about Dianetics is that today, just as in 1950, people can get the book, read it, and do it with a friend. First one of them listens, then the other one. Great stuff!

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