Tom Cruise is #1 Movie Star in the World

Forbes has a short article here about Tom Cruise being the #1 movie star by income. War of the Worlds last year was good for him, so was MI3 and his infamous couch-jumping enthusiasm on Ophrah, and his hooking up with Katie Holmes and having baby Suri has all helped propel him to super-stardom in the movie industry, ahead of — oh, yeah — everybody else! So, maybe he’s not your cup-o-tea, but he’s already won the biggest popularity contest on earth. Twice (he did it before in 2001). They have a paragraph on there about him being over-exposed — what do you expect when you’re the top movie star in the world? On a recent trip to Virginia, I saw his face on half a dozen magazines at once. So yeah, he’s a bit over-exposed but isn’t that a nice problem to have?

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