Juliette Lewis

I’ve known Juliette Lewis since she was a child – I used to shlep Juliette and my daughter Kendra around to acting lessons. They used to have playdates with her and and big brother Lightfield, did sleepovers, swam together in her dad’s (Geoffrey Lewis) pool. Glenis (Juliette’s mom) has been a family friend for decades, and is as cheery and breezy a person as can be found in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter.

Recently Juliette was interviewed for PR-Inside, an entertainment mag, and came out with a strong anti-drug statement. It’s not surprising that she did drugs as a teenage movie star — I think one would have to be saintly to be a rich, young, beautiful movie star/singer in Hollywood, and not experiment with drugs. But she kicked her habits about ten years ago and got herself cleaned up. Here’s the article where she says drugs and rock and roll are “such a cliche.”

Note she’s got a new movie coming out in January 2005, called “Catch and Release“.

Look for big things from her in the future. I don’t think it will be Juliette and the Licks; I think she’ll go back to doing movies and make some better choices in her roles. Just my opinion. The girl’s a livewire!

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