Spamdexing? Keywords Tag

Question: Am I Spamdexing?

I was wondering if you could advise me as to whether this would be considered spamdexing by search engines. The list below is my keywords tag. What do you think?

“weekend intensive Italian language course, learn to speak Italian, Italian
language course, language course intensive Italian, course intensive Italian
Language, course intensive Italian, learn Italian, learn Italian language” – D.

Answer: As long as you actually use all those words in the text of the body of your page (in see-able text humans can read), then you should be okay. Be aware that most search engines ignore the keywords tag completely now, so it’s hardly worth your time to worry about it. The only way it seems to be used (from my observations) by the search engines these days is to penalize a site that uses words in the keywords meta tag that are not used in the body of the page.


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