Rankings lost due to domain ownership transfer

Question: I recently purchased a website from someone that had operated the business for 3 years and had at least top ten rank on most search engines. During the transfer of ownership the site was down for about ten days. I lost the excellent page rankings. Do you think this ranking will come back when re-spidered? Should I re-register with the search engines? How much do you charge for the search engine submission? Thanks

Answer: That is a bummer on the transfer taking ten days. Usually you can do those with no downtime at all; I’ve done that many times for my clients.

It may take a while but yes, it’s likely that your site will come back up in the rankings after being re-spidered, etc. Make sure you have a proper sitemap.xml file, and that you list it in your robots.txt file so the search engines know it is there.

If you’ve lost all your rankings, then it would be a good idea to re-submit the site. You can do that here: https://www.wordsinarow.com/wheretogo.html.

Or we can do that process for you. We register a site by hand in the top dozen directories (and a couple of search engines). We charge $600 for that service, mainly because it is very time consuming to do it right, by hand.

We don’t recommend submitting to the search engines — Google and Bing will find your site if it is listed in important directories like ODP or GoGuides.com or www.botw.org.


Jeré Matlock
Website Design & Marketing / SEO

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