Rescuing this brightly-colored site

Been working on putting more photos into this site: Southern Yankee Barbeque. Sifted through about a thousand photos of barbecue rotissery trailers and pulled out a hundred to put on the site. Using a combination of tables and divs in CSS to achieve a “frame-like” format for that site – and some JavaScript to make the thumbnails become larger when moused over. The site is good in IE 5.5 and 6.0, NN 6.2 and 7.0, but breaks in NN 4.x, about which we will not worry.

Also – been working on rescuing this brightly-colored site: Silver Lining Health Products – the many renewal and expiration notices from Network Solutions telling them the domain name registration had expired and would be disconnected were sent to a non-functional email address for an old admin contact who no longer worked for the company. So it has been a challenge to get Network Solutions to turn the site back on. Had to round up the ex-employee and call in some favors, then replace the admin contact information with that of the new owner of the site. Network Solutions seems to have improved its interfaces and ability to handle things quickly. The last time I had to do this three or four years ago (would you believe for the same site!?) they required various faxes and you had to FedEx the signed documents to them or they wouldn’t make any changes to the admin contact info. It’s a whole lot easier now.

On that same site, I was trying to make the Dansie shopping cart work with GPG to send an encrypted email containing the credit card information, and found it was practically impossible to get the two talking. GPG imports keyring files produced by PGP, but PGP won’t read in any keyrings produced by GPG. It seems to be a one-way street only. So I came up with a secure workaround that didn’t involve GPG or PGP – and that took all day!

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