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My old friend Fred Hare — whom I’ve known for more than 35 years, has put up a terrific little website here called “Real Self-Help“. It’s a place where people can find out about Scientology without any of the bias and lies posted about it on various hate sites online. Funny thing — you can look up just about any religion online and find hate sites. Mennonites? You bet. Catholics? Yep. Baptists? Uh-huh. Muslims? Yeah. Buddhists? Yup.

So don’t be misled by the hate sites out there — if you’ve ever been curious about Scientology the best thing to do is to read one of its basic books, such as “Problems of Work“, which will help anyone do a better job on the job. Or “Self Analysis“, a book that will convince just about anyone who actually does any of the things in the book that they are able to remember a lot more than they think they can. If you have memory problems (assuming they are not caused by medical problems or actual brain damage) a few hours of Self Analysis will restore your faith in your own memory.

Fred Hare held a senior executive position in the Church of Scientology back in 1971 when I met him. He was one of the best executives under which I ever worked. It was obvious that he cared about his staff, and he worked to make sure they understood exactly what they were supposed to be doing. It was a fun and exciting experience working for him, and I learned a lot of tools that have stood me in good stead since then. He had an avunclar management style that served him well.

His website focuses on “start, change, stop”, one of the fundamental tenets of Scientology. Those who learn how to apply that basic tool are able to complete things — they get more done that someone who maunders through life only starting things and never finishing them, or only changing things and never starting or stopping them, or only stopping things and never creating (starting) or changing (managing) them. There’s a lot more info about “start, change, stop” in the book “Problems of Work.” It also contains some other simple tools for making work more enjoyable and ways to stay alert and more productive on the job.

Scientology is not some pie-in-the-sky feel-good new-age psuedo-religion. It’s an applied religious philosophy, with the emphasis on applied. It has tools anyone can understand and use to live a better life. That it also teaches we are immortal spiritual beings who are basically good, and helps people to realize what that means and how to live up to their own spiritual potential, makes it a religion.

I bought and read a book many years ago that changed my life — by teaching me about communication, which was my biggest problem. I was shy and depressed because I could not seem to actually talk to anyone, and had a very hard time listening to others. That Scientology book and a $25 course on communication I took from Scientology center in Portland, Oregon, completely turned my life around. I went from extremely unhappy to very stably happy in a matter of a couple months of hard work on the course, drilling the parts of communication with other students until I really had them down cold. That communication skill gained made all the difference to me, proved the workability of the tools of Scientology to me, and started me down a road of self-discovery that took me from being an atheist with no concept of spirituatlity, to being willing to trust myself as a spiritual being and helped me forge a closer connection to the Supreme Being.

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