I was a kid before dirt was invented

Bob Hope died. What an icon he was for the 20th century. When I was a kid (back before dirt was invented) I read one of Bob Hope’s books published in ’47, as I recall, from which I remember two things: He talked about the fog in London being so thick he walked three blocks trying to find a stoplight he knew was just ahead, only to discover it was his own cigarette he’d been following. And his main complaints about living into the future were that we didn’t all have rocket packs and zip around that way, and that the skirts weren’t as short as they were supposed to be. There will never be another one like him…

Also found out today that Matrix Reloaded has grossed $700 Million so far. So their big gamble paid off (the two movies being released this year cost $300 million to make!) and I’m glad to hear it.

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