Psychology Making our Kids into Walking Targets

I received a press release today concerning a new book by Beverly Eakman, a whistle-blower working with CCHR, working to expose to the light how psychology has corrupted the American educational system. She says:

“I take issue with teaching methodologies whose primary purpose is to target the emotions rather than challenge the intellect.”

Walking Targets points to an agenda where “educators often think that they are using scientific methodology to transmit ‘thinking skills’ or that they are “empowering pupils to be ‘decision-makers.’”

In “Bushwhacking Johnny,” one of the 40+ articles in her book, Eakman explains that teachers should not exist to strip away a parent’s belief system from children in their classrooms, and to then transmit “new” values to them. She highlights a North Carolina in-service workshop where educators were given a seven-point list to instill in their students. Among the “ethical outcome” points were “There is no right and wrong, only conditioned responses” and “The collective good is more important than the individual.”

In his review of the book, my client Bruce Wiseman, President of the US branch of Citizens Commission on Human Rights states, “Walking Targets shines the light of truth on the incestuous relationship between government officialdom and behaviorists who have been conducting values shaping surveys, “remediating” those with offending opinions and driving an agenda of political correctness that would make Orwell proud.”

E. Ray Moore, Chaplain (Lt.Col. USAR Ret., Director, Exodus Mandate) says of Walking Targets, “Beverly Eakman astutely chronicles the psychological abuse taking place in the public-school classroom with impeccable credentials and incontrovertible conclusions.”

The Honorable Samuel Rohrer, PA House of Representatives comments, “Beverly Eakman has opened doors to truth once again. No one has conducted more thorough research exposing that broad attack on our children than Bev. Walking Targets is a must read for every parent, educator, and public policy analyst.”

This 301 page compilation of her published articles, capitalizes on the success of her three previously published books: Cloning of the American Mind: Eradicating Morality through Education, Educating for the New World Order, Microchipped: How the Education Establishment Took Us Beyond Big Brother and her workbook How to Counter Group Manipulation Tactics. Walking Targets is available through Ms. Eakman’s publisher at for $24.95.

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