Proud of our clients’ growth: this client has doubled every year….

We do a lot of internet marketing for our clients, including SEO of existing websites, PPC campaigns for them, link building, and so on. We manage tens of thousands of dollars of Google AdWords budget monthly for various clients.

One of our clients is the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, out in the desert near Pahrump, Nevada. On a typical weekend they train about 500 people in firearms safety and help them gain “the competence of skill at arms” which helps someone become cause and stop having a victim mentality about firearms.

The founder of Front Sight is Dr. Ignatius Piazza, with whom we have been working for the last three years to help him continue his unparalleled expansion. We support wholeheartedly his efforts to “change the image of gun ownership in our lifetimes”. Anyone who hasn’t gotten the “Front Sight Legacy” DVD should pick it up to see what he’s doing to help keep secure our 2nd amendment rights.

A few years back Ignatius Piazza fired his existing marketing team because they couldn’t keep up with him. They kept telling him that “you can’t double your business every year.” I don’t happen to believe that, and neither did Dr. Piazza; hence the firing. We are happy to have been a big part of the team that has since facilitated Front Sight’s expansion over the last 3 years; Front Sight has continued doubling every year and is, by all indicators we can read, on track for doing the same thing into the foreseable future. There are no guarantees for such, especially in uncertain economic times with a liberal Supreme Court and an anti-gun sitting president and Congress; but then again that’s why Dr. Piazza’s work is so important.

The moral of this story is: when a client is pushing for expansion – don’t ever get in their road. Get ahead of them and lead the expansion, or get behind them and push.

Because in this world, a group either expands or it dies.

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  1. Ignatius Piazza December 31, 2009 at 2:00 am #

    This is an excellent article, I have recently created a small page on Dr. Ignatius Piazza myself and from everything I learned during the research, he is an amazing man. I only hope more people have the opportunity to learn about him.

    Page was originally on squidoo, moved to hubpages:

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