Plagiarized pages

I’ve just received good news that a website which had plagiarized one of my pages, Global Internet Marketing, has now taken down the offending copy from a page after receiving a certified letter threatening legal action if they did not.

While I detest the need for lawyers in a situation like this, sometimes you have to break out the big guns.

Now if I can get this UK site, Futurenet Designs, which basically lifted an entire page verbatim from my site, to take down their stolen materials…

What to do when someone steals your content.

Google’s DMCA violations page

Yahoo’s DMCA page

MSN’s DMCA page.

The saying goes that “information wants to be free” and it couldn’t be more false. As the creator of this information, I can assure you that it doesn’t want anything. What I want is to have my copyrights respected, and for violators to pay me for my time in bringing their criminality to light.

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