Give War a Chance

Impatiently awaiting the release of “Matrix Reloaded” tomorrow. It irks me that I won’t be able to see it until the weekend. Was it really necessary to spend $300 Million on making these two sequel movies? The original “The Matrix” movie raised the bar on special effects, but will the 2nd and 3rd do the same? We’ll see…

Found some new quotes I like in the latest issue of “The Federalist”, a conservative newsletter that comes out two or three times a week and has clips, explanations, and commentary worth reading. I learned that WMD have been found in Iraq, in the form of a functional mobile WMD lab. Exactly what you’d expect, despite Sean Penn’s comments from Baghdad.

Recently finished reading P.J. O’Rourke’s book, “Give War a Chance”. Ten years out of date (the book is about the first Gulf War) yet it was completely timely. What sticks with me is his description of a gun-toting teen-aged wannabe terrorist who in one sentence called America “the great Satan who should be destroyed” and in his next breath said he would to move to Detroit and learn to be a dentist if he could get the money together.

Arrived home today after a week in Florida for my daughter’s wedding on the beach in Clearwater. She was beautiful – a mini Pamela Anderson Lee, tan and blonde and made up to the nines.

I don’t want to fly anywhere, ever again, despite the experience.

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