I’d be mad if the attacks were working…

The online terrorist organization known as “Anonymous” has declared war on the Church of Scientology. That’s my church, and my religion. So I guess they declared war on me.

A few days ago, 17 different locations of the Church of Scientology in California received envelopes in the mail containing white powder, causing evacuations and closures of some of the buildings. I hope the FBI and Homeland Security are involved in the investigation, as this is the act of a terrorist group. What’s next? Will these anonymous hackers start burning crosses on our lawns? Breaking our windows and beating us in the street, lynching martyrs from the nearest tree? Where does it end, once something like this has started?

Twice last week, my server, which hosts some Scientology websites free of charge, experienced ddos (distributed denial of service) attacks, orchestrated by these creeps. They attempted to tie up my server so it wouldn’t be available to answer normal requests for traffic. The main Scientology websites (which I do not host) were apparently moved to a protective agency and have withstood all efforts by the terrorists since to silence them.

That’s what this is about – they want to shut us up and deny us from communicating. They want to stop you from reading this blog, which is pro-Scientology. Well, these religious bigots have picked on the wrong people and the wrong religion. If there’s one thing Scientologists are good at, it’s communication, from the personal one-on-one, to massive advertising and marketing campaigns….

This declaration of war is creepy, but so far has been ineffectual. Actually, if you check with Alexa, all the attention that has been put on Scientology in the media in the last week because of this declaration of war and the actual ddos attacks has resulted in about a 10x increase of the people visiting the Scientology websites.

My friends working in the Church in Los Angeles tell me that they have never had the phone ring this much, or as many people walking in off the street to find out what Scientology is about.

I reckon this is not the sort of effect the anonymous creeps orchestrating the ddos attacks were looking to create. Shhhh. Don’t tell them!

You know, I just have to wonder if this attack has anything to do with the huge losses and stock devaluations that big pharma has been experiencing recently. Zyprexa alone settled for something like a billion dollars this last week, for a class action lawsuit (just one of many) that proved that Zyprexa causes diabetes. And the black box warning labels that the Scientologists were instrumental in getting the FDA to require on the psychiatric drug packaging — those warnings had to hurt sales. Call me cynical but in the past, some of the biggest attacks against Scientology were funded by Eli Lily when we were going after some of their drugs as being harmful to the millions of children they were pushed upon. It was Eli Lily that paid for the smear campaign against Scientology in Time Magazine back in the early 1990s. (Eli Lily was Time Magazine’s biggest advertiser). It’s just my opinion – but there’s gotta be some connection there between big pharma and these anonymous hackers. Who’s funding this attack, anyway?

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  1. Lerey February 5, 2008 at 12:09 am #

    Thanks for the comment Jere! And thanks to you for leading the charge on many of these important issues!


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