High hopes for new site

Just about wrapped up on the creation of this site: Miami Condo lifestyle. The client for whom I am building this site, Ned Berndt, is one of the more pleasant individuals I’ve dealt with in 9 years of web design. Having a great time building this site and it’s already doing well at MSN, even though it isn’t quite finished yet. A dozen or so pages were indexed by Google recently as well, but it’s not showing up in the top 100 yet in a search for “miami condo”. I expect it is already in Google’s “Sandbox”, where it will be kept out of the search results for a few months as a penalty for being new and well-linked. The site is built using PHP and mySQL, but has static pages that set the variables for the individual communities and the individual buildings that display from the database. So there’s lots of static text for the search engines to index. Should do well!

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  1. Nicer than me!?

    I see the photo credits on each one — is stealing images common?

  2. Owner March 30, 2007 at 9:37 am #

    Yes, stealing images is quite common. The images are provided usually by the developer. But it’s not uncommon to simply photograph the building, either. If you don’t mark an image with your watermark, it is often soon lifted and used elsewhere.

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