Been working on new website design using all CSS

Been working on new website design using all CSS for the old Gloves in a Bottle website. Finally settled on this design, which has nice crisp text over blank buttons, and uses no tables. Now on to the drudge work of converting all the pages over to the new design. Joy!

Installed and am using Mailwasher Pro to try to cut down on some of the 300 or so spam emails I get in a day. I like it because it doesn’t just delete the spam, it never downloads spam from the server, and it bounces the spam back to the sender, so my address will eventually be taken off the list. At least that’s the theory. It’s cut my time handling emails in half. I have been using the iHateSpam anti-spam tool, but it kept routing valid email from friends and business associates into the “deleted” messages folder — and it missed a bunch of spam. Overall, I’d say it needs a more intelligent comparison algorithm. With Mailwasher you manually mark all the email to tell it which is from friends, and then it becomes easy to see the spam, mark it to be deleted and bounced, and then process it. Only after Mailwasher deletes and bounces the spam does Outlook Express then actually download it for you to read and handle.

Found an amusing peace plan attributed to Robin Williams but not actually written by him – a “Plan for Peace“. If you start reading it, stay with it to the last paragraph, which Robin did write – it’s the kicker!

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