Fan mail about our Google AdWords tutorial

Just received this fan letter from Lynda in the UK, about our Google AdWords Tutorial.
“Blimey! That was a great read! There have been several “make money with adwords” ebooks/programs I have bought that have still left me blind, but this info, was practically everything I needed to know, so in depth, and best of all, it was free! Not many actually give their knowledge away, unless its for a hefty price in return. Thankyou! I have the confidence to get on with adwords now, knowing some tips and the advice you gave. I think I’ve got the hang of what to do! Cheers!”
It is always nice to be appreciated. We do give away a lot of info on that page about how to optimize a Google AdWords campaign. We also offer Google AdWords campaign management to our clients at a reasonable rate; we manage tens of thousands of dollars of Google AdWords campaigns monthly for our clients. We’ve gotten one client up to a stunning 13% average conversion rate on his Google AdWords campaign traffic, of which we are quite proud. Not as proud as having gotten that same client #1 placement in the Google natural search results for just about all of his keyword phrases, but still we are happy about that high 13% conversion rate.



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