Church of Scientology’s Reply to Andrew Morton’s “Pack of Lies” about Tom Cruise

The Church of Scientology is reported to have issued a statement about Andrew Morton’s unofficial biography of Tom Cruise, aka “the pack of lies”.

The statement is being carried by MSNBC, here.

Most of the lies (except the ones that Morton simply made up) are pretty consistent – the are the same lies you find repeated many times on various apostate sites. That’s the thing about apostates – they have an axe to grind and aren’t afraid to repeat every rumor, innuendo, and lie that they’ve heard over their lives. These get picked up and repeated on enough websites that they take on a life of their own (some kind of “gollum”, I believe) and eventually wind up in a tabloid reporter’s “bio” of a celebrity, printed as if they were true, simply because it says so somewhere online.

I could do a similar bio of any celebrity -it’s just lazy. How about an “internet bio” of Mel Gibson — that ought to be a hoot – and let’s focus on his arrests, not on any of the movies that he’s made. Or an internet-based bio of George W. Bush, focusing on the innuendo and lies about him in Daily Kos and Move On dot org. (“Bush lied, kids died!”) People with an axe to grind have no scruples about grinding that axe at every opportunity, regardless of the truth of their allegations — that’s part of the definition of being an apostate.

Speaking of lazy – it was interesting to note that Morton never contacted the church to get its response to any of the allegations he made in the book. That’s not the nature of tabloid literature, although it is in the nature of bushwhack photo tabloid journalism, where a camera crew shows up at 2:00 AM and demands to speak with the leader of the church. When the stunned night watchman can’t reply to his questions, or raise church leaders from their beds, THIS filmed farce becomes the “attempts by the journalist to receive an answer to these allegations went unanswered”. Morton didn’t even give that hoary old trick a try – he seems to have been content to simply repeat whatever crap he could find online, and make up a bit of stuff for shock value. It’s not so much a slam on Tom Cruise (although it is that) the book seems really to have been aimed at the Church of Scientology, its many adherents and its overworked and underpaid executives.

I’m still wondering how much Morton was paid by big pharma to come out with this slam. Tom Cruise has been the biggest, most visible critic of psychiatry and the drug companies pushing mind-altering and harmful drugs on children, to say nothing of their parents and siblings.

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