“Anonymous” Hackers going after my server.

My server has been the target of 174,000 attempts to hack into to the control panel over the last 24 hours, most coming from one IP address in Germany. I’ve reported the abuse to the appropriate German authorities; we’ll see if they do anything about it. That’s two attempts *per second* to log into my server’s control panel, solid, for 24 hours.

I expect this is just more example of the religious discrimination against anything pro-Scientology, taking the form of malicious mischief by this group of “anonymous” cyber-terrorists. I’m gathering that this is a hate group of a dozen or so nerds, which seems to be based in Germany (no big surprise there).

The thing that has me laughing about all this is that their attempts to stop the spread of Scientology using cyber-terrorism have backfired bigtime. The more they get mentioned in the media, the more people are visiting Scientology websites and walking into Scientology churches to look for themselves at what the fuss is about. About 10 times the regular number of people are checking it out — it’s causing a huge spike in visitors. It must be driving them crazy….

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  1. Max Kanat-Alexander February 9, 2008 at 1:13 am #

    Ha! Before I started publicizing my blog, I made sure that it could handle at least 250 hits per second, and secured off the admin controls to only my IP. :-) I think I’ll be doin’ just fine… :-) I suppose I should watch my Apache logs for a few days, though. :-)


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