Why I don’t read newspapers

I’m a fan of Mark Alexander over at The Federalist. He provides some of the best political commentary and analysis I’ve ever read, and finds quotes worth reading every week. Here’s one that captures why I don’t read national newspapers any more, from Thomas Sowell:

“[M]uch of the media treats statements by terrorists and their
supporters as true and any denials of wrongdoing by American
troops as false and ‘a coverup.’ These are the same liberal media
people who claim to be ‘honoring our troops’ when they hype every
casualty and make a big production of each landmark death, such
as the 1000th American killed in Iraq and then the 2000th… We
all need to understand the fraudulence of the claim that these
media liberals who have been against the military for decades
and who have missed no opportunity to smear the military in Iraq
are now in the forefront of ‘honoring’ our troops by rubbing
our noses in their deaths, day in and day out. Troops who have
won medals for bravery in battle—including one soldier who
won a Congressional Medal of Honor at the cost of his life—go
unmentioned in most of the mainstream media that is focused on our
troops as casualties that they can exploit… Every newspaper and
every television commentator has a right to criticize any aspect
of the war in Iraq or anywhere else. But when they claim to be
reporting the news, that does not mean filtering out whatever
goes against their editorial views and hyping unsubstantiated
claims that discredit the troops.”

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