The Gray Lady Buries JFK Plot story

The NY Times, furthering its attempts to demonize George W. Bush and the GOP, buried the story of the breaking up of the plot to blow up JFK airport on page 30 of its Sunday editions, between the obits and the chess collumn. It was good news (albeit a bit scary) and it directly related to the War on Terror, and it directly related to New York. How could they not feature it on page one?

Rich Galen called it “editorializing by placement”, and I’d have to agree with him on that.

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  1. Grahame June 9, 2007 at 10:50 am #

    I’m an independent, so I don’t care much for either side of the political debate, but I have to say it’s not hard to demonize George W. Bush. For example, last year he took away habeas corpus, probably the most fundamental of all rights – if the government has you locked up where no one can see you then your other rights are so much ink and paper.

    I don’t have much respect for the news media either, so the fact that the NY Times is biased and not reporting even-handedly doesn’t surprise me in the least.

    Anyway, if you are a Republican then I strongly suggest you vote for a candidate that has freedom and peace in mind: Ron Paul (

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