Psychiatrist Airs his Doubts

Here are some quotes from Dr. Michael Benjamin, a psychiatrist who’s been practicing for 38 years:

“As a Psychiatrist, I still do not know what our profession is trying to do. It seems we have a series of solutions and now we are trying to find the problems that they can solve….”

“There is no doubt in my mind that children that would not be given Ritalin by experts in the field are receiving it. No one can say with honesty and certainty what the effect of Ritalin use in juveniles will have on their brains as they age. Yet the Ritalin pushers have an almost messianic fervor for their ‘solution’.”

“It has been shown that after 10 years of illness a psychotic not taking medications is four times more likely to be symptom free than one that is taking medications. Read that again. You would expect the complete opposite.”

“In the adult population, generally speaking, the influence of the Drug Companies is terrifying. Very few research projects disprove the efficacy of a drug when the trial is sponsored by the drug’s manufacturer. Harmful facts that may be discovered are not disclosed. When they are, their importance and significance are downplayed.”

You can read the complete text of the article here: Psychiatry.

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