I’ve been working on setting up several websites through Plesk on virtual private servers (VPS) at While the Data393 tech support guys are always available 24/7 and helpful as can be, I have to say I don’t much care for Plesk. It’s not intuitive, the way cpanel on WHM is intuitive for setting up a website. I’ve set up 4 of these VPS now for several of my clients, and it’s a real chore compared to adding a site through WHM. And I never know what I’m missing when something doesn’t work. Call it a learning curve, call me a dinosaur, call it whatever you want, I don’t care for it. For example, I could not get to a website that had been set up on Plesk, through the IP address, until I found an obscure link (it was a linked single digit number, of all things) on the Plesk control panel under server settings, and clicked on that number and clicked on the website, and only then set it as the default for that particular IP address. There was no help to be had through the Plesk help interface (searched until I ran out of ideas), and I didn’t have ho urs to get this website set up . If I hadn’t had the Data 393 guys there to help me, I would never have found that silly link and clicked it. The only reason I’m going with Plesk at all is they don’t sell servers with cPanel installed on them at Data393 any more. This is one dinosaur who was happier with cpanel.

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