Is it worth registering in the directories?

I received this question from a friend today about directory registrations and their worth or lack of it:

Question Hi Jere

… I just wonder whether you can give me any advice on this. I am looking at a quick way to get some of my sites listed in on-line directories to increase incoming links and I wonder whether you use any tools for doing this…

Basically I have looked at a few tools but in the end there still seems to be a substantial amount of manual inputting involved – so I’m not sure if there is any great benefit from using these types of tools.

I’d totally understand, if you don’t feel you can give away any of your ‘trade secrets’ but if you can offer any pointers or thoughts then that would be very helpful.

Cheers – M


Answer: It’s my experience that there is still great benefit to be had from registering with the top directories. The jury is still out on whether doing lots of registrations in the smaller directories is going to keep working, but it’s fairly close to absolute truth that a link from the Yahoo Directory and ODP AT THIS TIME are good for your site’s rankings at Google. You can use the page we put up here: ( Directory Registration Page ) to register your website with the top 30 directories. Some of these require payment, and the total hard costs of this project will come to about $1200 if you register where we recommend. Here’s the list of hard costs.

[Note from 2015: Yahoo Directory is shut down, so you can’t register there any more; don’t worry about it. Go with ODP and with]

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can buy a program from “Directory Submitter“, hich will assist you in registering your site in about 2500 directories. Some of those will require payment, and some require setting up a reciprocal link. I recommend you do not do either of those things. That will leave about 900 completely “free” directories where you could register your site, without requiring any payment or reciprocal link.

[Note from 2015: don’t do that! Registering at 900 free directories is a good way to invoke penalties at Google now. Most of these free directories have gone out of business, anyway. Now we have a list of the top directories on our page here.]

If you register with them, you can expect that for the next three or four months you will get a steady stream of links coming to your site from these little directories, because all of them are over-booked at the moment with backlogs for submissions. It will take a while for them to process it, which is good because you don’t want to get 900 links overnight, it will result in a penalty at Google for “gaming” their system. [If you do register at the 900 directories — you’ll get penalized anyway, so don’t do it at all!]

Hope this helps.


Jere Matlock
Website Design & Marketing / SEO

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