Dry skin treatment

I don’t often plug products here. I really like this one – enough that I signed up as an affiliate for them.

Skin MD Natural

I used to be plagued by dry skin, especially in the winter. I’d break out with what amounted to a rash over large portions of my back and stomach, and my hands would be cracked and bleeding. Dry skin kept me from soaking in the hot tub, which I *really* like to do after a long day of web design and internet marketing…. But exposure to hot water made the dry skin condition worse, made it spread and made it more itchy.

My solution was to switch to only using handcrafted soaps (made with natural vegetable oils) and no detergents at all. Getting rid of chlorine from my laundry helped too — I think the chlorine was irritating my skin, even if it was supposedly rinsed off in the wash and then put through a hot dryer, some chlorine remained (enough to smell it when folding laundry) and it still seemed to affect my midriff by making it itchy and flaky.

Taking some Omega 3 oils and Vitamin E every day seems to help a lot, too.

But my hands were still dry, even after taking those steps. Dry to the point of my cuticles cracking and bleeding. Wet weather and cold weather of course make the dry skin condition worse.

So I use Skin MD Natural on my hands. It’s not at all greasy – I can’t *stand* greasy lotions. I have to wash them off as soon as I put them on — I feel like my skin is crawling when I put on Curel or any Vaseline Intensive Care product. Ugh. But Skin MD Natural goes on silky smooth and “disappears” almost immediately, bonding with the skin and protecting it from moisture loss, and protecting it from the wet and cold when I go outside. It makes a big difference.

And if my midriff gets dry and itchy, I put on some Skin MD Natural, and it settles right down and stops being dry, or itching.

So there you go – a testimonial from someone who really likes a product.

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  1. WaterChef October 3, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    Hi Jere,

    I agree that using the correct soaps and lotions is helpful but sometimes during the winter my hands are almost unbearably dry. I’ll try the Skin MD Natural. I actually sell shower filters which can also help with dry skin problems. From experience I would recommend the Sprite Shower Filters.


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