Dog v. Porcupine

Both our dogs got into a conversation with a porcupine last week. After an expensive visit to the vet (on a Sunday morning) they were both considerably relieved. Here’s a photo of Max on his way to the vet. That’s about the unhappiest look I’ve ever seen on his face. The white things sticking out of his mouth are, of course, porcupine quills. Occasionatlly it would really bother him and he’d try to claw his face off — if he could have climbed out of his skin, he would have.

According to the vet, Max only got a “polite sniff” of the porcupine. In the vet’s office, there’s a photo of a dog from which they pulled over a thousand porcupine quills. That dog brought the dead porcupine home to his master. And after he healed up, he went after other porcupines and had been back several times for more quill removal. I like to think Max is going to be smarter than that. After all, he’s never been fully skunked by any of the many skunks that wander around the ranch. But you never know….

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