Dan Rather

B.L. Ochman of the “What’s Next Blog” used the words “Dan Rather” and “journalistic integrity” in the same sentence — apparently thinking that they contained no irony. So I posted a comment on her blog reminding her of of the frauduent story about Prez Bush, and giving her my take on the Heber Jentzch interview I witnessed back in the late 70’s, when Dan Rather interviewed the President of the Church of Scientology and took Heber’s answers and twisted them to fit his slant on the story. By that I mean he literally cut and pasted the answers where Heber had said “Yes” to questions where he’d answered “No.” Don’t EVER get interviewed by Dan Rather without having your own cameras rolling on the interview as well.

B.L. Ochman espouses many liberal causes on her site (as is her prerogative in a blog), e.g., global warming). I subscribe to her newsletter, but I’m about to cancel as her view leans so far to the left and takes itself so seriously. Yes, blogs are important, and no, most public relations firms have little clue about it. But the blogosphere has its limits as well. It’s time to state your piece and get over it.

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