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June 1, 2004: Feels a bit like I’m the guy on the old Ed Sullivan show who used to spin a bunch of plates on poles – he’d run back and forth and try to keep a dozen or so of them going at the same time, while juggling bowling pins or dancing or something–I’ve forgotten everything but the plates.

Have completed Business Dispute Resolution website for an old friend, Jean Brasel. She’s said some nice things about the site and is promoting it to various user groups. It’s all CSS, no tables. It even looked good on a Mac running Safari, so I’m happy with this one. Will it work on Netscape 4.x? That’s a rhetorical question — I’ve written NS 4 off and no longer even check, since my last install of Netscape 7.x killed my old copy of NS 4. Yes, I know, some of you still use it. But you probably aren’t reading this site with it either, because it doesn’t work for this one!

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