Why psychiatric drugging of small children should be banned…

Here’s an article in the New York Times where the parents of a 4-year old child who died on psychiatric drugs are being charged with deliberately poisoning her with the psychiatric drugs she was prescribed. These parents had been drugging their child for half her life, since she was two. The psychiatrists run their standard FALSE claim that psychiatric drugging helps so many kids… blah blah blah. It’s not true and never has been true. Psychs have NO scientific basis for using psych drugs to fix brain imbalances — they have no evidence that such imbalances even exist, much less what they do. They don’t even know what aspirin does exactly! There are no scientific tests that prove one has a brain imbalance. It’s all bogus and the psychiatrist who gave them these drugs for their two year old child suffering from “bipolar” disease is the person who should be on trial here. First of all, EVERY 2 year old child is a terror, that’s why they call it the “terrible twos”. But do you think a psychiatrist has any clue? If you don’t feed them well and give them sufficient sleep, they become demonic little engines of destruction set to wreak havoc on your life. It is when people turn to psychiatry for help that they are immediately betrayed — psychiatrists DO NOT have any technology that helps. They pretend to know all about a subject, and they demand payment for their services, but they do not have any real solutions. As I’ve said in earlier rants – the psychiatric emperor has no clothes. It is incidents like this, where children DIE and the psychiatrists seek to immediately blame the parents, that reveal just how evil they are.

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