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Am now working on wrapping up moving a bunch of websites from one server to another for a client. (There are 150 of them to move!) I have been having to learn more about how Unix servers work. There still seems to be no substitute for FTPing the files, setting CHMOD permissions, and so on. I’ve got it down to about 15 minutes per site.

Set up another blog where it is easier to post, using Blogger. I needed to help some non-technical people set up blogs so I opened this one Blog No Michi, which means “Way of the Blog” in Japanese. I find it has been considerably easier to log in and use the Blogger.com interface than go through the trouble of writing and FTP’ing files to keep this site current. So this one may just languish until I can write some more stories to put on it.

Also have recently moved about 25 of my client’s sites from a bulk reseller account I have managed for the last year or so, to a dedicated server at Ventures Online / Data 393 / Latisys. It’s a step up for my sites and my clients – it’s a faster server with more memory (1 GB) and likely to remain so as I don’t intend to fill it with tons of client sites.

I’ve recently re-designed an ugly site so it looks a bit more professional: Mediations Handled. It’s not done yet, but that’s the gist of what it will look like. That site is all CSS, no tables, and works in IE and Netscape.

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