Third Anniversary of JMBlog

I started this blog 3 years ago in April, and I didn’t even notice the 3rd anniversary slip by on April 15th. I get a lot of positive feedback from visitors (not so much in the form of comments, which I only recently started to allow) but in email form. And I’ve helped some people who contacted me about their abuse at the hands of psychiatrists get in touch with CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) so they can seek justice, which has been very rewarding. And I’ve steered some people over to Scientology Volunteer Ministers for personal help, for which they have thanked me. There have not been too many jerks, either, trying to hijack the forum. A negligible number of those, for which I’m thankful. One thing I learned during many years of retail sales, is that most people are of good will, trying to survive to one level or another, willing to help and willing to be helped. But not all of them. Some people are heading down, and would love to take you with them. One of them, an impatient, whitehaired old man with thick glasses, zoomed across my lane of the highway yesterday, forcing me to slam on brakes to keep from hitting him. I would not be his executioner, despite him having apparently appointed me as such.

But hey, this rant started as a celebration so I’m going to put it back on that track now.

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