The Mother’s Act is Dead!

Occasionally the good guys win big, and that happened yesterday when the US Senate killed S 3297, the Coburn Cloture Bill, which contained the Mother’s Act Bill and 36 unrelated measures. Sixty votes were needed to close debate and bring the bill to a final vote. It received only 52 votes — there were 40 votes against. Considering the volume of faxes, letters and phone calls to the senators coming from people like me who wanted nothing to do with forcing pregnant women to take psychiatric drugs.

This is a BIG win for every mother and mother-to-be in the United States. The act would have required the psychiatric “mental health” screening of every new mother and expectant mother. And of course a large percentage of them would have been “diagnosed” with a made-up malady and required “for their own good” to take expensive and unpredictable psychiatric drugs. Obviously this was a ploy by Big pHARMa to get more funding for their deadly drugs, and would have created employment for an army of “mental health” screeners who would otherwise be stuck in labs wearing white coats and watching rats.

If you read the black box label warnings on the psych drugs they prescribe, the side effects of the drugs are much worse than the “invented” maladies that they are supposed to help. The increase of suicides and murders by people on psych drugs is simply unbelievable. You can get the statistics on it from < a href="">CCHR, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (of which I’ve been a member since 1972). If you’d like a free DVD that shows the shocking truth behind the psychiatric/drug industry, drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll mail one to you at no cost to you whatever.

So for this year, anyway, the Mother’s Act is dead. I’m sure it will reappear in another guise soon, but today, we celebrate!

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