Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon — has no clue

I recently faxed Senator Jeff Merkley my reasons for opposing the massive Obamacare health plan that will put one sixth of the US economy under the Federal Government, at a cost of trillions of dollars.

His reply came a few days ago in the mail. It’s an obvious form letter he sent to answer all those annoying faxes that mysteriously piled up in his office from the thousands of people like me who faxed him our objections and asked him, as our senator, not to vote for Obamacare, which he did anyway.

The gist of his message to me is this: “I am pleased that this legislation would reform the health care system in a fiscally responsible manner.”

“Fiscally responsible?” My blood pressure just keeps going up as I read through this mealy-mouthed attempt to calm down the republicans and independents to whom he sent this form letter. He has no clue what implementation of this bill is going to do to the economy, or to health care in America, or how it will, in the long term, cause trillions of dollars of deficit spending every year.

He also says: “Oregonians can always expect me to listen to their concerns and be honest and straightforward with my answers. I hope you will continue to keep me informed about the issues that matter most to you.”

Here’s my reply to Senator Merkley: “Great – I’ll keep on writing you, Jeff, so that you can just keep right on ignoring me, like you ignored the millions of Americans who showed up in Washington DC to protest against Obamacare last summer. Rest assured that we Oregon voters will take your record into account when voting you out of office when your term is up.”

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